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105 Piccadilly case study

Location: Piccadilly, London
Size: 7,000 sq ft
Category: Cat A
Duration: 12 weeks

Preserving legacy

Modernising 105 Piccadilly: Rejuvenating two floors of historic Grade II listed office space to create an inspirational yet practical working environment.

Blending prestige and heritage with excellence

Having previously successfully delivered prestigious office fit-outs for our client, Motcomb Estates, including Connaught House and Clareville House, we were entrusted to complete a CAT A office fit out of the third and fifth floors at 105 Piccadilly. What truly distinguishes this undertaking is the Grade II listed status of the building, recognised as being of ‘special interest.’ Our primary focus was the meticulous preservation of its historical features, an endeavour that demanded careful consideration to honour the building’s rich history and effectively convey its narrative throughout the fit-out process. Leveraging our extensive experience in heritage fit-outs, our highly skilled team embarked on the mission to modernise 105 Piccadilly while maintaining utmost respect for its historical significance

The CAT A office fit-out at 105 Piccadilly incorporated a thoughtful approach to historical elements, including delicate considerations for features such as wall trims and mouldings.
“Their team provided strong leadership, good technical and problem solving know-how and excellent site supervision. Imperial has some excellent added value services, they were able to deal with Building Control quickly and easily through their supply chain.”
Tom Gordon, MRICS, Director, TAG Surveying

Survey exposes compliance issues

Tasked with the mission to enhance the office space to attract a prospective tenant, our team began the project with a comprehensive survey, which later revealed that the prior renovation work conducted at 105 Piccadilly fell short of meeting the prevailing fire safety building regulations. More specifically, the survey identified a non-compliance in the fire separation system – a crucial measure designed to create distinct sections within a building, acting as a passive fire protection system. This discovery prompted us to reassess the project scope in order to ensure the space adhered to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

100% compliant in a matter of weeks

Dedicated to ensuring transparency and offering cost-effective solutions during our clients’ transformative office fit-out journey, we promptly began to explain the implications of this discovery to our client.

We provided a comprehensive outline of the essential steps needed to address the fire safety breaches between floors. We emphasised the critical need to restore the fire separation system and explicitly mentioned that rewiring the electrical power supply and lighting was imperative for compliance before the tenancy commenced. Harnessing our extensive experience in navigating building regulations and our extensive technical knowledge, we presented pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to rectify these issues, ensuring minimal disruption to the project timeline. Despite the initial projection of an eight-week timeframe for the entire CAT A fit-out, we successfully achieved 100% compliance and delivered the project within just ten weeks.

"We are incredibly proud to highlight 105 Piccadilly as one of our distinguished heritage projects. It stands as a testament to our expertise in carefully revitalising historically significant structures. The outcome is a breath taking, contemporary office space that not only upholds the building's legacy but also captivates and inspires potential tenants. Just one month after project completion, a new tenant moved in, underscoring its instant appeal in the market.”
Steve Summers, Co-Founder, Imperial

Space planning showcases potential

As part of our work at 105 Piccadilly, our expert team generated a detailed general arrangement plan, also known as a space plan. This visual representation aimed to exhibit the potential of the renovated workspace to potential tenants. With a keen understanding of maximising space utility, our in-house Project Manager and Project Designer collaborated to produce a 2D space plan. This plan was designed to help future occupants visualise how they could effectively utilise the space for enhanced team collaboration and productivity. The plan included features such as open collaborative areas, strategically located meeting rooms, communal dining spaces, desk-sharing concepts, innovative office furniture ideas, and much more.

Space planning showcases the potential layout of the new space to prospective tenants
“Imperial is a proactive and professional design and build company. They produced a space plan for this project, creating an excellent layout to showcase the new space to prospective tenants”.
Tom Gordon, MRICS, Director, TAG Surveying

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