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Whether you’re a perceptive landlord focused on attracting top-tier occupants, or a forward-thinking tenant aiming to transform your current or new workspace into your own unique business hub, our expert team is on hand to craft bespoke office fit outs that elevate your space.

Unleash your team’s potential

If you’re a tenant looking for an office fit out, this is an opportune moment to rethink what the role of your office will play in the future of your business. Our experienced team works openly and collaboratively with you to transform your new or current space into a dynamic, functional environment that personifies your brand values, and is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Cat B office fit out service, also known as our “plug and play” option, is your canvas; you can dictate everything you need to realise your vision. Including collaborative zoning, quiet areas, meeting rooms, furnishing, audio visual technology, and specific interior design details, we’ll thoughtfully craft a space in which your team will flourish from day one.

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Enhance your space to attract high quality tenant

As a landlord, your property is not just a space; it’s an investment. Imperial understands the intricacies of enhancing property value through innovative design. Our expertise lies in creating spaces that attract high-calibre tenants, fostering long-term partnerships and increasing the overall appeal of your property.

Our Cat A and Cat A+ office fit out service includes flooring, ceilings, air conditioning and ventilation, mechanical & electrical services, as well as fire detection and smoke alarms. We provide a comprehensive solution to ensure your property is not only market-ready, but poised to attract discerning tenants seeking a premium office space.

Office Fit Out

Access our expertise

An office fit out is never just a simple task to tick off your to-do list. Transforming your workspace is a pivotal moment in shaping the way your business and people work. We understand that it’s not only about creating a functional space, but about building interconnected “neighbourhoods” where people live, work and play. Hasty office fit outs, divorced from long-term business strategy, often lead to spaces that are underused and uninspiring.

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By establishing which files can be kept, archived, scanned, or destroyed, we enable you to make informed decisions about the reassignment of valuable real estate space for alternative uses, leading to a more organised, efficient, and adaptable workspace.

Enter our team of experts: we’re ready to go beyond the ordinary. We don’t rush. We’ve no interest in quick wins. Instead, we attentively execute our proven step by step process to assess, meticulously design, plan, seek approvals, and budget with scalability in mind. What sets us apart is that we’re not just creative thinkers or workplace enthusiasts; we’re your turnkey solution for office fit outs.

From the initial design conception to project management and construction, we oversee every step of the process, ensuring a stress-free experience with frequent communication, and a high quality finish. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your office space becomes a hive of productivity that your tenants or teams will genuinely enjoy, both now and in the years to come.

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We have been delighted with the quality of their work, their communication, their attitude towards solving unforeseen problems and, last but not least, their costs. All projects have been delivered both on time and to the high standards of finish required
- Simon Long, The E&A Group, London

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