Workplace Design Consultancy

Office transformations don’t have to be a daunting task

Making sure space is optimised and utilised; catering to different working styles; ensuring easy communication across departments; promoting overall productivity and wellbeing: the wishlist for the new office space is endless. Finding a logical strategy to achieve them all can seem rather daunting.

This is exactly where Imperial excels. During our workspace consultation phase, and our “Stay or go” studies<>, we focus on gathering data from a rich variety of sources to gain essential insights into your business interactions and real estate utilisation. Getting this intimate level of detail allows us to create a project brief that features tailor-made recommendations to craft detailed workplace strategies, while providing cost-effective solutions.

Workplace Design Consultancy

Optimise your space
Office Space Consultancy

Access how well your current space performs
Workplace Consultancy Services

Discover how your people like to work
Workplace Design Consultancy Interview

Face to face interviews to develop workplace champions
Workplace Design Consultancy Storage

Boost efficiency with filing & storage audits
Workplace Design Consultancy Analysis

Stay or go strategy analysis

Learn how we bring your brief to life:

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Location: Westminster, London
Size: 8,500 sq ft
Category: Cat A+
Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Mayfair, London
Size: 1,900
Category: Cat A
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Mayfair, London
Size: 3,500 sq ft
Category: Cat B
Duration: 4 weeks