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Picture a workspace where stress is replaced by inspiration. Where the daily grind is met with a sense of purpose.

Your office is the heartbeat of your business. It’s a dynamic environment, where client meetings turn into strategic alliances, and where talent is not just attracted but nurtured.

At Imperial, we understand this. We offer more than office fit outs. We can see beyond the bricks and mortar. We specialise in transforming your office and people’s lives by creating spaces that embody collaboration, connection and comfort, while supporting a multitude of working styles. Our designs and finishes go beyond aesthetic values. We craft workspaces that foster a therapeutic, productive, and happy environment in which your people can thrive.

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Tailor made spaces to endure and empower

Your office today should seamlessly adapt to the evolving demands of tomorrow. You also need an environment that taps into your people’s potential, catering to their different working styles and personalities. Your office design is not created from a template. Instead we use your project brief to tailor a design that matches your vision and ambition, which begins from our very first meeting.

We understand that workplaces should be designed with your team’s health and wellbeing in mind. Inspired by The 7 Concepts of Wellbeing, we create offices that are thoughtfully developed to form an ecosystem of specific zones, each directly nourishing a unique aspect of your team’s dynamic.

Office Fit Out Company

For those who thrive in solitude, we create specific zones designated as quiet areas which provide peaceful retreats for team members seeking focus and introspection. Extroverts can take advantage of the way we design bustling brainstorming areas, where they can exchange ideas and spark innovation. Whether your people are inclined towards solo reflection or team synergy, Imperial creates spaces that resonate with the ebb and flow of your work culture, ensuring every corner of your office feels like a tailor-made haven for productivity and creativity.

We will take you on a journey, during which we meticulously design a workspace that empowers and energises your team. By the end, you will have an office fit out that builds the enduring foundation for the success stories yet to unfold.

I appreciate the close knit, team effort that is applied to all the projects we have done together.
- John Murray, Partner, Dron & Wright, London

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Size: 8,500 sq ft
Category: Cat A+
Duration: 12 weeks
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Duration: 4 weeks
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Size: 3,500 sq ft
Category: Cat A+
Duration: 32 weeks