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Business Owners, Facilities Managers, Office Managers and Operations Managers:

Is your office space holding you back?

Unlock the potential of your space

If you’re struggling to attract your staff back to your office…If you’re looking for ways to optimise different working styles…If you have ambitious expansion plans…we’re here to help. Discover how to tailor your office space to perfectly fit your needs in only 5 days with us, pros who do it every single day. We’ll plan the space you need.

Transform your office space.

Empower and energise your staff.

Request your FREE space planning consultation to:

  • Integrate quiet zones to provide laserlike focus
  • Include collaborative space that inspires innovation
  • Optimise facilities to meet demand
  • Maximise opportunities for desk sharing
  • Select furniture with style and comfort in mind
  • And so much more

A tailormade therapeutic, productive, and happy environment for all

In just 5 working days, you’ll have the first draft of your General Arrangement space plan, which will serve as the project brief and benchmark throughout your office fit out journey.

Your FREE, no obligation space planning consultation includes:

Face to face interview session

Our Project Director and Design Director will meet you in your space to gather essential information from your management team, such as current head count and expansion plans; preferred working styles; current layout; as well as furniture requirements, company culture and more.

Expert analysis

Our team is passionate about what they do. They’ll spend dedicated time pouring over the insights gathered in your interview session, exploring various ways to evolve your space to suit your needs.

General Arrangement space plan

Our expert team will meticulously develop a detailed 2D space plan of your newly redesigned office space, tailored specifically to your requirements. These plans, rich in detail, are crafted for ease of understanding. To further enhance your experience, our Project Director will personally guide you through the intricacies of your bespoke space plan, emphasising the critical elements that are customised to meet your specific needs. This personalised approach ensures that your office layout is not only practical and visually appealing but also perfectly aligned with your unique requirements.

Imperial have been wonderful to work with, offering their time and patience as we’ve had to adapt and tweak things constantly. They’ve helped us to reduce costs where possible and have accommodated our tight schedule. A very friendly and approachable group of people, that I would definitely work with again.
Matt Eldridge, Office Coordinator at Red Planet Pictures

Your space planning consultation is the exciting first step along your office transformation journey. You’ll be able to share your space plan with management and staff alike to begin preparing them for change.

If you’re new to office fit outs

If you’re looking for hands on guidance

If you’re refurbishing your current space

If you’re relocating

Our space planning consultation is perfect for you.

Your General Arrangement space plan (GA)

Using CAD, we’ll provide a detailed and accurate representation of your office space, including the spatial arrangement of equipment, meeting rooms, spaces dedicated to specific activities, facilities, furniture specifications, departmental information – including neighbourhoods, storage allocation and much more.

Using our in-house specialised planning team, we can deliver a full specification floorplan that reveals the possibilities of your office space

Plan your office space with confidence.

Unsure of building regulations? Considering “diy-ing” the space planning of your office?

Keeping up to date and fully understanding changing health and safety regulations, fire regulations, Construction Design & Management – also known as CDM 2020, is crucial to the overall success of your office transformation.

Our in-house expert team is vetted through our due diligence process, qualified and highly experienced when it comes to delivering projects on time and within budget. We can partner with you through your entire office transformation journey, from initial design through to construction.

If you’ve been googling or seeking expert advice on planning your office space…and thinking that
“there must be an easier way to attract my team back to the office”:

Request your space planning session today and gain:

FREE space consultation, focused on your everyday realities

FREE General Arrangement space plan document – yours to keep – complete with design variations* to enhance the potential your office space has to offer

And FREE advice on the next steps of your office transformation journey

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