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Red Planet Case Study

Location: Clerkenwell, London
Size: 4055 sq ft
Category: Cat B
Duration: 6 weeks

An oasis for collaboration and connection

Reimagining Elm Yard, Clerkenwell: transforming 4055 sq ft, featuring new offices, booths and collaborative zoning to ignite innovation and fuel creativity.

A HQ where creativity knows no bounds

Having been initially introduced by a highly reputable commercial agent, our client Red Planet Pictures, a premier drama production company, selected us to take Elm Yard in Clerkenwell, London to the next level. Tasked with remodelling one floor of 4055 sq ft, our objective was to cultivate a more collaborative workspace tailored to the company’s needs.

Approaching the end of their lease at Corinthian House and amid a period of expansion, the Red Planet management team sought a new office space to catalyse their team’s creativity and fuel the production of exceptional future projects.

This is not your typical office fit out, instead it’s more a stand-out example of space optimisation. Through meticulous design, we crafted versatile environments capable of accommodating diverse working styles. The result is a nurturing atmosphere that fosters collaboration and promotes seamless connectivity.

Challenging the initial design brief

Our team of designers, alongside our mechanical and engineering experts, wasted no time immersing themselves in the intricacies of the original space’s structure. This meticulous research not only familiarised us with every nuance but also unearthed an opportunity to streamline costs and challenge our client’s initial design brief.

Rather than simply following the plan of including five additional office spaces to the existing four, we proposed a strategic alternative. Introducing booths emerged as a solution to significantly reduce fitout, mechanical, and electrical expenses. Our recommendation comprised the addition of two new offices alongside two booths with a capacity of six people each, effectively optimising both functionality and cost-efficiency.

Red Planet recognised the potential of our space plans, and we took the exciting first steps toward fitting out their new London HQ.

“Imperial have been wonderful to work with, offering their time and patience as we’ve had to adapt and tweak things constantly. They’ve helped us to reduce costs where possible and have accommodated our tight schedule. A very friendly and approachable group of people, that I would definitely work with again”.
Matt Eldridge, Office Coordinator at Red Planet Pictures

Solving unforeseeable ventilation issues

We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail and strategic foresight. However, we also embrace unforeseen challenges as opportunities for innovation. In this case, we encountered an unexpected requirement from the landlord of Elm Yard: the mandatory permanent sealing of all windows to mitigate the risk of harm or injury.

During initial inspections of the space alongside the client, the open windows led us to assume ample natural ventilation. Consequently, our design plans centred around utilising the perimeter of the space.

However, this assumption posed a significant challenge: how to provide fresh air to the newly planned perimeter offices without resorting to complex and costly mechanical solutions. Our solution? Instead of intricate mechanical systems, we opted for crosstalk attenuators – square vents equipped with acoustic baffles. These vents allow fresh air being provided by the existing mechanical systems to flow into the main floor, and in turn into the new offices.

Elm Yard’s new meeting rooms embody a perfect fusion of sleek design, vibrant hues, and functional practicality
"By trying out this innovative idea, we addressed the ventilation requirements while sidestepping the need for costly modifications. It shows how we're all about finding smart solutions and making things work, proving our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our projects”.
Ramin Ardebili, Project Director, Imperial

Mitigating the impact of construction

In adherence to standard leasing protocols, the landlord had previously executed a general fit-out. To safeguard against potential damage and minimise the impact of dust and debris generated during the construction phase on carpets, furniture, and walls, we implemented rigorous measures. This included the use of Correx Protection sheets and boards for floors and walls, as well as deploying a dedicated team comprising a project manager and a full-time site manager. Their principal role was to supervise the protection and preservation of these assets meticulously throughout the duration of the project.

A playful, flexible and synergistic environment

Red Planet’s previous office space lacked the capacity to support the collaborative and diverse working styles necessary for producing the innovative and impactful dramas they envisioned for the future. By relocating to one of London’s most vibrant and stimulating areas, they made a commitment to embracing this new future. Elm Yard, in its completed state, now stands as a testament to this commitment, empowering the team to expand, work flexibly, and welcome clients into a distinctive and inviting environment.

Furthermore, the decision to prioritise booths over additional offices reflects not only the team’s immediate needs but also their forward-thinking approach. These modular elements offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for easy repositioning or relocation at minimal cost. This ensures adaptability as their requirements evolve over time, serving as a valuable asset for the future growth and success of Red Planet.

Red Planet’s new London HQ fosters connection and collaborative ways of working
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