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Coforge Case Study

Location: Fenchurch Place
Size: 7,000 sq ft
Category: Cat B
Duration: 12 weeks

Seamless Transition

How Imperial’s visionary 7000 sq ft. office design, perfectly aligned with compressed timelines, facilitated a smooth office transition for Coforge.

Highly professional, skilled, knowledgeable, and thoroughly tuned in to the client point of view of what matters most in delivering a project. Imperial are aptly named among their competitors as a class above in a very crowded and often confusing business landscape. We would use them again for our other office renovations throughout the UK.
Mark Trotman, Facilities Manager
Imperial extended the contemporary colour palette throughout the entire office, fostering a cohesive atmosphere that seamlessly unites diverse

Smallworks inspires confidence

Imperial’s transformative journey with Coforge, a global digital services and solutions provider, originated from an initial smallworks project. The team’s attentive service and exceptional craftsmanship left a lasting impression on Mark Trotman, Facilities Manager at Coforge. His experience inspired the decision to invite Imperial to pitch against competitors for their upcoming refurbishment Office Fit outs.

Imperial’s Co-founders, Danny Hakimi and Steve Summers recognised the pivotal role of interpreting the client’s needs in shaping their sales presentation. They dedicated time and meticulous attention to fully grasp and interpret every nuance of the CAT B Office Fit outs brief before embarking on the creation of design options.

Incorporating booths into the office design creates an adaptable work environment, accommodating team members seeking “just a little bit of quiet” to focus

Tailor-made schedule

Mark articulated the Coforge team’s vision for a swift transition into a new, carefully selected office space, prioritising seamless relocation without unexpected expenses such as temporary office rentals.

As seasoned professionals in London’s office fit-out industry, the Imperial team understood the critical importance of keeping work schedules on track to mitigate delays and prevent additional costs for their clients. With a wealth of experience garnered from diverse office fit-out projects, Danny was confident that his team of design and build experts could not only meet but exceed expectations

Imperial’s open plan kitchen transforms the space into a dynamic hub that seamlessly caters to Coforge's evolving needs – a realm for collaboration, chance encounters, and shared moments over communal dining

Impressive visualisations

Imperial’s design experts followed Coforge’s brief to the letter. The solution they put forward considered the new office’s current layout, whilst enhancing its as yet untapped potential.

The proposed office design solution transcended mere aesthetics, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of their new space. By prioritising Coforge’s people, it seamlessly integrated meeting rooms, work booths, and collaborative spaces, adorned with carefully curated finishes. This transformative visualisation empowered Mark Trotman, Facilities Manager at Coforge, to envision and embrace the inspiring future of their workspace.

“We take every opportunity to impress our clients. Not only by providing eye-catching designs and a superior quality finish, but also by delivering a pragmatic, real-world schedule of works. We anticipate future needs and adeptly integrate adjustments in response to foreseeable disruptions wherever feasible”.
Danny Hakimi, Operations Director & Co-Founder, Imperial

Along with a detailed program of works that was scheduled to fit the client’s moving in date, as well as Imperial’s competitive pricing and pre-existing reputation with Corforge, Imperial was selected over others to deliver the CAT B project.

Imperial offered a range of skilled proposals that addressed our requirements, considering our tight timescale and compliance with regulatory issues.
Mark Trotman, Facilities Manager

Accomodating a shorter deadline

After learning that Coforge had the opportunity to transition into the new workspace earlier, Steve seized the opportunity to adjust the works program, aligning it to meet the accelerated timeline. This adaptability reflects our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, turning unforeseen opportunities into positive experiences for our clients.

“As we were in the fishing stages of the CAT B fit out, we were able to accommodate their request. Without compromising on quality and by maximising our construction team’s availability over the last remaining days of the project, we were able to help the Coforge team move in a few days earlier. The keys were handed over and everything was put in place so that they could move in the following Monday without any problems”.

Steve Summers
Commercial Director & Co-Founder, Imperial

People-oriented results

The Imperial team recognises the paramount importance of a thorough understanding of the brief in shaping the ultimate outcome. Our commitment extends to immersive discussions that delve into finer details, asking the right questions to unveil the motivations behind our clients’ personal preferences and desires. This unwavering dedication to insight is a commitment our team will consistently uphold and invest in, ensuring the realisation of aspirational visions.

“While occasional compromises may arise, our overarching commitment is unwavering – to fulfil our clients’ workplace design needs right from the outset. When they walk through the doors on move in day, they can relax and enjoy the new space, feeling confident that they’ve got exactly what they needed.”

Steve Summers
Commercial Director & Co-Founder, Imperial

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