Who we are

Our guiding principles

All of us have a profound relationship with the spaces we live and work in. These spaces determine our potential, they are transformational and allow us to thrive. We create well-designed, sustainable workspaces to improve the quality of people’s work lives.

We are open minded, innovative, flexible and highly creative. Our thoughtfully assembled team, and the professionals we partner with are the very best when it comes to office refurbishment and fit outs because we treat each project, no matter how big or small, as an opportunity to transform your workplace.

To do so, we work by these guiding principles:

Our Values

We follow our instincts, not conventions

Immensely experienced in office fit out and design & build, we leverage our technical knowhow and passion for design to deliver unique offices and workspaces that our clients are proud of.

We are transparent

Committed to exceeding expectations, it is our open, honest and friendly approach that ensures our clients have the utmost confidence in our ability to deliver beautifully finished offices and workspaces.

We are collaborative

Our curious nature means we listen to each and every client’s needs and ideas, taking onboard any concerns or suggestions to ensure a seamless service with minimal disruption.

Our expert team

We design and build office spaces that put your people first. Drawing on our diverse project expertise and in-depth understanding of the entire office fit-out process, we create exceptional work environments that inspire your team.

Danny Hakimi, Co-Founder & Operations Director

  • Danny’s extensive design and build knowledge originates from 15 years of experience of working in luxury residential property development
  • His expansive industry experience has laid the foundations for the turnkey office design and build specialists Imperial are today
  • He firmly believes that transparency is key to building long-lasting relationships with clients via consistently open and honest communication
Team Member
“We really enjoy the creative element and the buzz of designing and building exciting workspaces with the dual purpose of “wowing” our clients, and improving people’s everyday working lives.”

Steve Summers, Co-Founder & Commercial Director

  • Steve began his career as a London based estate agent, later moving into recruitment, whereby he owned and managed his own recruitment agency for 12+ years
  • In his role as Co-Founder, Steve is focused on building and maintaining a carefully assembled team of experts who’s passion for their craft shines through in every project they undertake
  • Steve ensures Imperial’s superior fit out service empowers tenants to attract and nurture the right talent for their individual businesses, and enables landlords to attract high quality occupants
Team Member
We’re innovative and avoid resting on our laurels. We never stop striving for what’s best for our clients

Ramin Ardebili, Project Director

  • Ramin specialises in Workplace Consultancy, the measure of data in which office environments are utilised. Ramin is people-oriented and is passionate about changing their working lives
  • In his role as Project Director, Ramin’s mission is to disrupt the industry’s status quo, currently marred by lack of transparency, by delivering quality projects at fair and open prices
  • One of Ramin’s standout projects to date is the Salmon 28,000 sq ft fit out, where in depth workplace analysis lead to the creation of a new collaborative space named “The Heart”
Team Member
We aim to make people’s working lives just that little bit better by creating spaces that enhance their working experience, provide sanctuary from personal challenges, and support whole teams to work in the way they want to work.

Romas Lucka, Construction Manager

  • Romas is a fully trained Architect and has 15 years of experience as a Construction Manager, with an NVQ level six in site management
  • He has previously worked for Opus, Ganter, Quest interiors, Metz Construction and Woodalls
  • By focusing all of his efforts on delivering projects on time via sound organisation and planning, Romas aims to reassure clients that office fit outs can be a stress-free experience
Team Member
I want to prove that the construction industry can be an enjoyable, fun place to be.

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